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Mr. Rob Belterman

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Rotterdam Zoo
European Studbook Keeper Asian Elephants

Tel: +31 10 4431 411
Fax: +31 10 4431 466

Started in 1978 in Rotterdam Zoo at the Biological Laboratory.

For 20 years he worked on the genetics of mammals like Orang Utans and Owl Monkey’s for determination of (sub)species and on the sexing and phylogeny of birds for Rotterdam Zoo, many European Zoo’s and reintroduction projects for European White Storks, Bearded- and Black vultures.

Since 1998 he is the Animal Data Manager in Rotterdam Zoo and is responsible for all the paperwork and arrangements in animal transports and the animal registration.

Since 1990 when the European Endangered species Program (EEP) for Asian Elephants has been established by EAZA, Rotterdam Zoo coordinates the breeding Program (Coordinator Ton Dorresteyn) and since the beginning Rob is the Studbook Keeper for this Species.

He is also EEP Coordinator for Red-crowned Cranes (Grus japonensis) and Siberian Cranes (Grus leucogeranus) and Vice-chair of the Gruiformes Taxon Advisory Group. (TAG)

He also is the European Studbook keeper for 3 Species of Crowned Pigeons (Goura spec) and Komodo Dragons and TAG member for these species.

At the First European Elephant school he is representing EAZA and Rotterdam Zoo and he will tell you more about EAZA and Breeding Programs (EEP), the recommendations of the Elephant TAG and he will give an overview on the populations of Asian and African Elephants in European Institutions.

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