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Patrick Maluy

NAME : Patrick Maluy


Woodland Park Zoo
601 North 59th Street
Seattle, WA 98103



Pat Maluy has been working with animals for most of his life, including 30 years as a professional zookeeper and animal manager. Pat?s experience is broad and includes a variety of species including bears, primates, marine mammals and his specialty, Asian and African elephants. With over 25 years spent working with elephants, Pat has developed a wide range of skills with the species including husbandry, nutrition, reproduction, assisted reproduction, introductions and training.

January 2005 to present: Lead Keeper/Elephant Manager - Woodland Park Zoo Coordinate the day to day activities of the unit, animal training, husbandry, veterinary care, animal observations, diet preparation, care of the exhibit and physical plant. Oversee the training of the animals and staff; initiate training of new behaviors utilizing operant conditioning techniques, writing protocols, timelines, training plans, goals and objectives of training. Create work schedules for elephant team, leading Elephant Management Committee meetings, writing various memos, work orders, maintaining vacation calendars. Participate in collection planning, public and in house presentations, occasionally act as an official spokesperson for the department for media and public relations events.

October 2004 to January 2005: Elephant Keeper - Woodland Park Zoo Provided husbandry related care to the zoo?s elephants including 0.1 African and 0.2 Asian elephants in a protected contact and/or confined contact management system. This care and husbandry included daily bathing, skin care, pedicures, veterinary treatments as directed by the zoo veterinarian, behavioral observations, cleaning and maintenance of the exhibits, keeping animal specimen records. Participated in training the elephants utilizing operant conditioning techniques, assisted in the training of behaviors that would facilitate husbandry for the animals.

May 2001 to October 2004: Zoological Manager, Elephant Dept. - Disney?s Animal Kingdom Responsible for the supervision and training of an eleven member animal keeper team, caring for 4.7 African elephants in a dynamic protected contact and free contact elephant management system. Provided day to day supervision of animal training, husbandry and related duties. Supervisory responsibilities included creating work schedules, monitoring time and pay sheets, ordering supplies, and equipment within an established budget, conducting team meetings, staff reviews, feedback sessions and annual reviews.

January 1992 to May 2001: Lead Keeper, Elephant Dept. ? Woodland Park Zoo Responsible for oversight of the Asian Elephant Forest Exhibit which included working with a team of five zoo keepers that provided care for 0.4 Asian Elephants, 0.1 African elephant, various waterfowl and small hoofed stock. Coordinated day to day activities of the area, animal training, husbandry, veterinary care, animal observations, diet preparation, care of the exhibit and physical plant. Initiated training of new behaviors, utilizing operant conditioning and writing protocols. Participated in the development and implementation of routine elephant demonstrations for the public including the safe handling of the animals in a public setting, provided public speaking for demonstrations and interactions with zoo guest concerning elephants and conservation related topics.


September 1986 to January 1992 Zoo Keeper Elephant Dept. Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA USA

February 1984 to September 1986 Zoo Keeper Primate Dept. Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA USA

December 1980 to February 1984 Zoo Keeper Mammal Dept. Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta, GA USA

Veterinary technician and Ambulance driver, Atlanta Humane Society, Atlanta, GA USA

Veterinary technician, Atlanta Animal Hospital, Dunwoody, GA USA

Bird Trainer (psittacines), Primarily Pets, Atlanta, GA USA

Emergency Veterinary technician, Atlanta Animal Emergency Clinic, Atlanta, GA USA

Nursery keeper, Lion Country Safari, Irvine, CA USA


The Introduction of Male Lion Tailed Macaques (Macaca silenus) to Established Troops; 2nd Lion Tailed Macaque Symposium, Seattle, WA USA

Elephant Artificial Insemination at Woodland Park Zoo; Elephant Managers Association Annual Conference Tacoma WA USA

Asian Elephant Pregnancy, Birth and Early Development at Woodland Park Zoo; Elephant Managers Association Annual Conference Orlando FL USA

Successful Management and Treatment of a Corneal Abscess in an African elephant (Loxodonta africana) at Disney?s Animal Kingdom Elephant Managers Association Annual Conference Cleveland OH USA

Loss of a Young Asian Elephant to a Newly Discovered Herpesvirus: An Historical Review of Husbandry and Behavior Prior to Death; International Elephant Research Symposium Orlando FL USA

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