European Elephant Management

Dr. Anjan Talukdar

NAME : Dr. Anjan Talukdar


EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry

ORGANISATION: Wildlife Trust of India


  • Rescue and rehabilitation of temporarily distressed and displaced threatened wild animals.
  • Hand-raising of wild neonates including wild Asian elephant calves separated from the natal herd and mother due to conflict and natural causes.
  • Chemical restraints and translocation of rescued and stranded endangered wild animals.


  • Started work with "Early Birds", a Guwahati based NGO of Assam, India, for health checkup, vaccination and deworming and attending emergency of the elephants of Assam Forest Department, along with vaccination of livestock to create an immune belt around the protected areas of Assam (1998-2003)
  • Volunteered Wildlife Trust of India‘s Mobile Veterinary Service Unit in Kaziranga National Park during emergencies like flood and man power shortage. Got the opportunity to assist WTI‘s Mobile Veterinary Service Unit‘s officer in charge to hand-raise an infant Asian elephant. The calf was successfully raised and then shifted to Manas National Park in 2007 (2000-2002).
  • Participated actively in the WTI-Assam Forest Department Kaziranga Health Camp Team for treatment control and registering the captive elephants of the region through implantation of micro transponders. More than 300 elephants gathered in the mega event. This registration was an initiative of the Project Elephant, Govt. of India. The team was responsible of the control of any problematic elephant during the event. Thereafter he conducted five more health camps in the subsequent year for the Wildlife Trust of India and the Assam Forest Department.
  • Rescued Asian elephant calves and hand-raised elephant calves displaced due to various anthropogenic and natural causes and established handling and feeding protocols of the hand-raising of Asian elephant calves at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation while working as the Centre Veterinarian and officer in charge at the facility. Also reunited two elephant calved separated from the herd after stabilization.
  • Providing in-situ emergency relief to wild elephants injured due to conflict by means of tranquilization and treatment for the last seven years.
  • Providing health care and veterinary support to the captive and departmental elephants in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for the last seven years. Acquired seven years of field experience to manage problematic elephants during musth.
  • Translocated eight hand-raised Asian elephant calves from CWRC to Manas National Park.
  • Currently working as Programme Officer of the Wild Rescue Programme, Wildlife Trust of India, being responsible to provide any emergency occurring to captive elephants in and around the capital city of India. Also managing the Emergency Relief Network and providing technical and veterinary suggestions to the various rehabilitators throughout the country.

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