European Elephant Management

Mr. Bent Bagge Nøhr


Bent Bagge Nohr is the manager of the firm DANSK INFRAROD INSPEKTION. He is certified in Level I and II of the Academy of Infrared Thermography.

He was born 1966 and grew up on a Danish farm with pigs, cows and horses. Today he owns his parents' farm with racing horses.

DANSK INFRAROD INSPEKTION is a company with many years expertise in thermography on building insulation efficiency (e.g. pipe leaks).

Together with Aalborg Zoo the DANSK INFRAROD INSPEKTION sussessfully uses Thermography to find suspected injuries when there are no visible signs on the elephants. Aalborg Zoo and DANSK INFRAROD INSPEKTION have made an exhibition called "The 6th Sense- animals seen through infrared" at the zoo. You can find an article about this exhibition in the EAZA News 59.

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