European Elephant Management

Comments to the course 2004 (participants)

Lars Holsen, Head keeper, Kopenhagen Zoo, Denmark

"Good course with much knowledge from the expert. I got many things I can bring back at home and use in the zoo. Specially in the process of building at over new elephant house. Thanks to everybody, a special thanks to the elephant keepers."

Nicolaj Rhod, Animal keeper, Kopenhagen Zoo, Denmark

"I am impressed that all the lecturers make this school for the good of elephants and not to make money."

Alison Bickett, Animal keeper, Blair Dummond Safari Park, Scottland

"The organisation of practical was amazing. The ability of the zoo staff + the elephants to incorporate practical lessons into their working day. Was appreciated as it allowed us to see many things it is hand that we may never get experience of anywhere else. I found the school very relaxed and friendly making it an easy environment to learn."

Andrew McKenzie, Animal keeper, Blair Dummond Safari Park, Scottland

"Would like to have seen the Bias Towards Asian elephants evened up a bit but understand the practical aspects of this could be difficult."

Sandra de Rek, Elefphant keeper, Colchester Zoo, United Kingdom

"I didn’t expect that it was going to be this good. Have learned a lot and have so many idea’s to improve my elephant section. Can’t wait to go back to make and use all the things I’ve learned here to improve the elephant section! Thank you from me and our elephants."

James Naelitz jr., Elephant curator, Knoxville Zoo, United States of America

"Although the hotel was close to the barn everything near the hotel closed to early. The staff at Tierpark Hagenbeck were great group. I know how difficult it is to work around a schedule that changes on is out of an ordinary routine but they handled it wonderfully. The expertise of the lecturers makes it possible for people of all skill levels and experience levels to learn new ways to provide better care of the elephants at the institutions."

Curtis Eng, Veterinarian, Phoenix Zoo, United States of America

"Overall, my experience during the last 9 days has been extremely positive. My encore thanks to Dr. Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck for sponsoring this event and to Mr. Alan Roocroft for encoring and supporting my attendance at this meeting. I look forward to visiting Germany in the near future."

Stephen T. Coyle, Elephant keeper, Phoenix Zoo, United States of America

"I can’t imagine a more comprehensive course. It’s a shame that it’s over. I have learned so much. The expert staff was great very informative and eager to answer all of our questions. It was a experience that I will never forget."

Stefan Aspegren, Elephant keeper, Kolmarden Zoo, Sweden

"I´ll have to say that this course was real interesting and I am more than positive that I will take a whole lot of what I’ve been learning back home to my colloquies and hopefully I am able to effect them as well. It is really amazing that we could cover all the topics concerning the elephant in just nine days. I really had a good time in Hamburg thank you!"

Tommy Alexandersson, Elephant keeper, Boras Djurpark AB, Sweden

"The school was very interesting and it really opened my mind and I learned a lot."

Gerry Creighton jr., Team leader, Dublin Zoo, Ireland

"I would sincerely like to thank everybody involved in this First class course. There is no doubt the knowledge. I learned at the school will I am sure bring quality to the elephants in Dublin Zoo and will allow me to implement ideas that will change their lives for the better forever. A very sincere thanks. Hamburg Zoo should be proud for what it is doing to help the captive Asian elephant and there keepers. Best wishes for the future."

Thomas Heer, Elephant keeper, Zürich Zoo, Switzerland

"It was very nice here in Hamburg. The school was a kick in my a..., to try to bring in new efforts in our Elephant house. Thank you very much."

Nathalie Casius, Elephant keeper, Artis Zoo, The Netherlands

"It was really interesting, I’ve made good contacts with other elephant keepers and I learned so much, it gave me some good ideas and plans to use in our own zoo, for know and future plans. Thank you very much for the great experience."

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