European Elephant Management

Comments to the course 2003 (participants)

"It was a priviledge to witness the Hagenbeck elephant tradition, unique in many ways. ... Personally, until now I have been looking at the elephants through a window; after this school a huge door has opened on the elephant world. Thanks to the very generous lectures and the experience shared by all participants."

"Excellent care for the participants. Success."

"... This Elephant Management School in Hamburg was very professional. I would recommend this management school to all keepers and zoological managements."

"... I liked the capacity of Hagenbeck`s Tierpark elephant staff to work with their elephants with all of us, as I know that is often difficult. ..."

"... I enjoyed the entire course and hope to do it again in the future. ..."

"... A great vary of people in their own fields, and all putting their point of view across. ..."

"The information aqiured will be invaluable in the future. ... I can only complement all aspects of the school and would gladly come back again myself!!!"

"I have found this to be a wonderful unique experience. By providing us the actual situations rather than just videos, you have taught so much more. ... Sharing information with different countries is great. ... The hospitality that has been given by everyone at Tierpark Hagenbeck will never be forgotten! ..."

"... It was definately a successful event and has to find continuation. It is a good mixture between theory and practical experience. ..."

"The group division, who to organise the transportation, was excellent! This way, one had to think for oneself, which is sometimes more effective, than just to listen. ..."

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